Living Near 606 Trail

Living Near 606 Trail

The Scene on the 606 Trail

Along The 606 trail, it's a parade of people and pets, bikes and trikes, skateboards and strollers. This pedestrian path is a flurry of movement and a mix of sounds. Take in the sights, from viaducts covered in graffiti art to downtown skyscrapers on the horizon.

The 606 trail passes through 3 different Chicago zip codes - 60642, 60622 and 60647. Real estate along the 606 trail has been booming and homeowners within 1/2 mile of the 606 trail have seen a tremendous increase in property values since the 606 trail opened in 2015. With plans on the horizon to extend the 606 trail east to the Chicago River, homeowners can expect even further increases in their property values over the next 5 to 10 years. If you are looking to buy a home or sell a home near the 606 trail, contact an expert 606 trail real estate agent.

Find The 606 Trail

Located on the city’s Northwest Side, the 606 trail runs on the raised path along, for the most part, W. Bloomingdale Avenue (1800 North), which is a narrow one-way street halfway between Armitage Avenue and North Avenue. The eastern end point is Ashland Avenue (1600 West) and the western end point is Ridgeway Avenue (3750 West).

Get Around The 606 Trail

The car-free, multi-use pathway takes all non-motorized modes of transportation so thumbs up to bicycles, strollers, wagons, skateboards and roller blades too. Divvy bike stations are parked nearby if you want a rental. Get here by walking if you are a lucky local living nearby, otherwise the Blue Line 'L' train stations at Damen and Western are the nearest stops.

606 Trail Sign

606 Trail Sign

Zoom In on the 606 Trail

Chicago's award winning park system, The 606, is a nature trail, exercise path, art corridor and commuter route all in one. 

What began its life as a street level freight train line after the Great Chicago Fire, was then adapted to an elevated train track by 1913. Eventually falling into disuse, it was an abandoned embankment before it became a rails-to-trails success story when it opened to the public in 2015. Formerly known as the Bloomingdale Trail, the trail and collective parks were officially dubbed The 606. The numerals in its name tie in the neighborhood aspect of the city, a reference to the shared digits of all Chicago zip codes. 

At 2.7 miles long, there's a lot to see and adventure around every corner. Here is a look at The 606 by the numbers.

Running On The 606 Trail

Running On The 606 Trail

Damen Arts Plaza 606 Trail

Damen Arts Plaza 606 Trail

606 Trail Real Estate Market Snapshot


Work with a 606 trail real estate agent that knows the market and all of neighborhoods that are influenced by the 606 trail's development. The West Town Team real estate agents are experts in real estate supply along the 606 Trail and can help you to buy or sell a home successfully. If you are thinking about buying a home along the 606 trail, it is important to know the real estate inventory and get a detailed overview of the market activity in each of the 4 neighborhoods that the 606 trail runs through. Contact an expert 606 trail real estate agent today at 312-767-7504.

Learn more about the housing inventory and market trends with a 606 Trail real estate expert:

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606 Trail Realtor Chicago

606 Trail Realtor Chicago


606 Trail Real Estate Sales Data

Chart shows the median sales price of homes sold within 1/2 mile of the 606 Trail compared to entire city of Chicago in real-time.


4 Neighborhoods along the 606 Trail

Once a rail line that divided neighborhoods is bringing them together. Hop on and off between these four interconnected communities that are all linked by The 606.


6 Ground-Level Parks along the 606 Trail

At ground level are adjoining parks that serve as entry points for The 606. Find a bevy of ­­activity areas from baseball fields to off-leash dog areas to kiddie playgrounds. Other highlights include the Damen Arts Plaza, the boulevard views from the Humboldt Overlook, a colorful Graffiti Garden that crews back in the '80s started, and the Exelon Observatory — a raised spiraling lookout point to scan the night sky.

  • Walsh Park (1722 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago IL)

  • Churchill Field (1825 N. Damen Ave., Chicago IL)

  • Park No. 567 (1799 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL)

  • Julia De Burgos Park (1805 N. Albany Ave., Chicago IL)

  • Kimball Park **opening at a later date (1809 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago IL)

  • Magid Glove **opening at a later date (3745 W. Cortland St., Chicago IL)

606 Trail Entrance Ramp

606 Trail Entrance Ramp

Townhomes Near 606 Trail

Townhomes Near 606 Trail

12 Access Points to the 606 Trail

About every quarter-mile, parks and ramp entrances along The 606 provide a way up and down the trail.

  • Western Trailhead at Ridgeway (3750 West) & Lawndale (3700 West)

  • Drake (3532 West)

  • Spaulding (3350 West)

  • Julia de Burgos Park at Albany (3100 West) & Whipple (3050 West)

  • Humboldt (3000 West)

  • California (2800 West)

  • Rockwell (2600 West)

  • Western (2400 West)

  • Park 567 Milwaukee/Leavitt (2200 West)

  • Churchill Park Damen (2000 West)

  • Wood (1800 West)

  • Walsh Park at Marshfield (1632 West) & Ashland (1600 West)

606 Trail Real Estate For Sale

606 Trail Real Estate For Sale

606 Trail Real Estate Agency

606 Trail Real Estate Agency

Locals Who Live along the 606 Trail

Since the opening of the 606 Trail, neighbors have been treated to a park that has won a mix of awards for design, arts and engineering, including most notably National Planning Excellence Award for Urban Design (2016) by the American Planning Association. With so much buzz, real estate along The 606 trail is moving quick so if you are looking to buy a house on The 606 trail the time is now. Prices are at a premium along the eastern half in Bucktown and Wicker Park, with custom single family homes for sale, as well as luxury condos for sale and duplex condos for sale. Heading west to Logan Square and Humboldt Park brings more diversity and better pricing for more modest frame homes for sale, brick cottages for sale and multi-unit buildings for sale.

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606 Trail Sunset

606 Trail Sunset